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April 5, 2022 - Bulls for Sale 
9 bulls for sale; 
1 @ year 2019, 4 @ year 2020, and 3 @ year 2021.
Please contact Tony Braddock 614.406.5956

Seeking 2-3 year old bison bulls
ROAM Ranch, located in Fredericksburg TX is looking to purchase 6-10 bison bulls born in either 2019 or 2018. Would prefer bison coming off grass-fed/pasture raised ranch. Please reach out to if you are interested in selling.
Taylor Collins
ROAM Ranch
Land Steward/Co-founder

September 29, 2021 - Best offer Ever

I have a herd of 26 Bison 21 Heifers and 5 Bulls must sell and will let them go for $30,000.00 total. All heifers have been exposed. You will need to be responsible for moving them to your location. I also have a Titan Squeeze chute that has 3 runs and a bucket, I will let it go for $12,000.00.

Please contact me at 832.489.2936 if you are interested, thank you!!

September 16, 2021 - Bulls for Custom Butcher

Two- to three-year-old bulls for custom butcher at the processor or your choice or we will help you find one. Each Bull is approximately 900 pounds. Asking $2000/each. Transportation available at extra cost. Animals located in Wilson County. Contact Benjy for details 512.923.0189.

August 16, 2021 - Bison Wanted

Looking for yearling heifers and bulls, also 2 year bulls.  Please contact Jim Nichols at Apache Spirit Ranch, 817-313-4668.

April 23, 2021 - Yearling Bulls Wanted

Apache Spirit Ranch is looking for 10 to 15 yearling bulls.  Located in Southwest Texas, Real County. I can be reached by email at: or by phone at:  817-313-4668.


March 22, 2021 - Texas Bison Herd for Sale

Selling entire bison herd in Texas. Would prefer to sell as one lot:

  • One 9 year old bull
  • 6 cows, six to seven years old, with six 1-3 month old calves
  • 6 pregnant cows – 6 – 8 months pregnant – pregnancy checked in mid-January
  • 1 open cow
  • Total herd - 13 cows, 6 calves and 1 bull.

    $26,000 for all preferred.
    Contact Clay to inquire at

February 24, 2021 - Bull for Sale or Trade


February 2, 2021 - For Sale 2020 Calves: 3 bulls and 1 heifer

They were vaccinated and wormed in January. Location: Lytton Springs, Texas. Contact Benjy Cox  - 512.923.0189.

October 16, 2020  Bison for Sale

I have approximately 65 animals for sale: 6 mature bulls, 14 cow/calf pairs, the remainder is young bulls and heifers. They are in Colorado, but can be moved to Texas. Please contact John Russell at 512-750-4092 to inquire.

March 27, 2020  Bison for Sale

Long calves: 7 male, average 380lbs, $1250
11 females, average 395lbs, $1000
Long yearlings: 2 male, avg 678lbs, $1750:
5 females, avg 638lbs, $1500
3 yo female, 885 lbs, $2100, exposed
2 Vermejo Park, Castlerock genetic tested bulls, 825lb 3yr old. $6500

All animals recent weighed and dewormed/shots.

In Central Texas.

Call Johnny 325-200-1919

November 19, 2019  Bison for Sale

Selling 150 head of extremely high quality bison, some animals were sired by Goodnight bulls.

Yearling heifers, yearling bulls, exposed mixed age cows, and 2019 calves. Call 210-414-7929, or 210-930-0841 for details. Shape Ranch Carrizo Springs, Texas.

These animals are extremely docile and are broken to cake. They have roamed 13,000 acres of grass and mesquite all their lives and are in great shape.

Price per head.

1,750 dollars per head mixed age exposed cows
1,200 dollars per head yearling bulls
1,300 dollars per head yearling heifers
900 dollars per head bull calves
750 dollars per head heifer calves

November  7, 2019  Bison Herd Liquidation Sale

G&G Bison Ranch - Gillett, TX

1 - Beautiful mature breeding bull - $3,600
7 - Exposed breeding Cows - $2,200/each
1 - 2 1/2 year old bull - $2,400
4 - Yearling heifers - $1,600/each
2 - Yearling bulls - $1,800/each
3 - 2019 Calves - $1,000

Total if sold together - $34,400

1 Titan West Squeeze Chute with scale ($10,000) new - Best offer

Bison were worked 2/3/2019 and given injections and/or topicals: vision7 w/spur  per dose, virashield 6 VLS HB dose, saber-topical for flies/lice, Dectomax 1% and Synthetic inject/deworm, Vitamins A, D, and E/ml. Penned bison and gave Valbazen (albendazole) liquid dewormer mixed in water trough on 6/2019. Bison fed Safe Guard dewormer cubes on 10/9/2019 and again on 10/24/2019.

Interested parties contact Danny (361) 229-7832 or email:

November  7, 2019  Bison For Sale 

11-12 female calves born in April-May $1300. 6-7 calf bulls $1500. Two bulls yearling to 2yo $2,000+. Five females yearling to 2yo $1800+. All (except one) tested cattle gene free parents. Will have exact numbers and weights by thanksgiving. And two 2.5yo bulls from castle rock herd, DNA proven. Bought at Vermejo Park and born in Central Texas, $10,000. Contact John 325-200-1919.


October 4, 2019 - Bison for Sale

G&G Bison Ranch, located in south central Texas just east of San Antonio, is offering 2019 male and female calves, yearlings and 2 year olds for sale.  Please contact Danny at 361-229-7832 to inquire.

August 12, 2019 - barbara gray - Hand Sewn Bison Leather Goods

I was on a horse before I was in a high chair and grew up showing American Saddlebreds on the the Midwest circuit. I loved everything in the horse world. The sights the sounds the smell. From the sawdust in the stalls to the leather in the tack room, this is where my love for leather came from. Equally, my love for Bison came from the neighboring Bison farm with the majestic and hauntingly beautiful American Bison.  I joined the fashion industry in my late teens and enjoyed many years modeling for numerous notable industry mainstays such as Yves Saint Lauren, Givenchy, Bill Blass; where my love for design came about and my move to becoming an art major in college. As a local Austin, Texas, USA artist/leather craftsman,  I pride myself on buying local and within the US, purchasing Bison sides and hides for my leather goods, and continue the age old Southwest custom of cutting by hand and hand sewing (sewing by hand not machine) using the saddle stitch, American Bison bags and leather goods. I knew when I started my business that I wanted to honor the Bison, as did the Native American (using all of the Bison) by creating leather bags and goods with their magnificent hides; showing the history, tradition and love that goes into each one.

barbara gray - Hand Sewn American Bison Leather Goods
FB -  barbaragrayleathergoods

July 23, 2019 - Komanche Cubes Now Available


POVI COMPANY LLC - 1620 N.W. Hankins Drive, Lawton, OK. 73507

Recommended Dosage: 3 pounds of product per 1,000 pounds of Bison (or) One Animal Unit.

NOTE: No claims are made about this product. The TXBP SCSOI Bison Parasitology working group has observed effective results in efficacy testing of bison herds treated with this product that struggle with Haemonchus and other strongyle type internal parasites. Caution: do not slaughter animals within 14 days of treatment with this product.
More information:
Jerry Mullen / POVI COMPANY LLC: (580) 695 – 4200
Tim Frasier / Frasier Bison LLC: (940) 475 – 1387

May 31, 2019 - Legacy Valley Bison for Sale

April 2, 2019 - Bison Calves and One Breeding Bull for Sale

We have 10 or so coming two-year old heifers that I’d like to swap for some 2+year old bulls.  Please contact Patrick at  281-222-4958, or email at

February 19, 2019 - Bison for Sale

One bull born spring 2015: $3,300.

Three bulls born spring 2016: $3,000 per head.

Five bulls born spring 2017: $2,800 per head.

Nine bulls born spring 2018: $2,200 weaned and worked on January 10.

Three heifers born spring of 2018: $2,100 weaned and worked on January 10


Cattle Master Gold FP5, Spirivac, Vision7 w/Spur, Bangs-OCV (heifers) vaccinations, Dectomax injectable and Safeguard paste dewormer.

Cake broke, penned and ready to load.

Bison are located 35 miles south of Wichita Falls, TX.



December 7, 2018 - For Sale - 13- 2 to 3 yr. old heifers, 6 - 6 to 10yr. old cows

All Exposed to bull this last season.

Contact Paul Gengler: