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Texas is one of the nation’s leaders in bison production, and the Texas Bison Journal is the state’s premier publication for industry news and information on raising bison in the Lone Star State. Get a year's subscription to Texas Bison Journal delivered directly to your door! Join TBA online today!

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Texas Bison Journal Archive

Texas Bison Journal 2011 Features

  • Handle With Care
    Bison are not cattle and, if you ever forget that, they will quickly remind you. Working ‘with’ these unique animals instead of against them is at the hear to humane handling.

  • Legacy of Thunder
    With its numbers dwindling and future in doubt, the Great Southern Bison Herd owes everything to a Texas cattleman and his wife.

  • Bison-apetit
    Restaurants are turning to bison for the hottest new menu trends.

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